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AED Programs



Do I need to get a physician’s prescription with the purchase of an AED?

The FDA does a require physician’s prescription for someone who purchases an AED.   All AEDs require a phyician’s prescription except the Philips HeartStart OnSite which has been approved for home use by the FDA.  Please stay in compliance and receive your AED Prescription from a licensed Physician today.

AED Rx: $39.00 per AED (one-time fee)




The webAED Program is a comprehensive and easy-to-use Online Tracking System which is considered the Gold Standard AED program management tool available. The system enables the user to easily add, edit, and review AED Program Data, view important AED information, generate program reports as needed and continually manage an AED program.

One feature which is greatly appreciated by all of our clients, involves the automatic e-mail notifications sent whenever batteries or pads are near expiration or whenever employees are to be scheduled for their CPR/AED certifications. No software is required, the user simply goes to the website and enters an assigned username and password. For information regarding a few of the many features of webAED as well as the rate structures for this subscription service, please review the details below:


webAED Features:


  • Your Online AED/Training Management Tool

  • NO software required

  • Very easy to use and maintain

  • E-mail Notifications- Expiration of all Batteries/Pads

  • E-mail Notifications- CPR/AED Training Re-Certifications

  • Monitor Monthly AED Maintenance Checks

  • Monitor and Record All AED Usages

  • Generate AED Program Reports as Needed

  • Add AED Program Notes/Reminders as Needed

  • 24-Hour Customer Support (Toll-Free Phone)


Rate Structures


Individual Rate (1-9 AEDs):

Small Market Rate (10-24 AEDs):

Medium Market Rate (24-99 AEDs)

Large Market Rate (100+ AEDs):


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Note: Depending upon the number of AEDs an organization has, the rate structure is based upon an annual price of either “Per AED” or “Per Organization.”

*Good Samaritan Law:
all 50 states have passed Good Samaritan Laws. These provided limited immunity for AED Program Participants. Some states also provide limited immunity to the company or facility that acquires the AED(s), the people providing training, and the person who uses the AED. The Federal Cardiac Arrest Survival Act also provides limited immunity for lay rescuers and acquires of the AED. (American Heart Association)


Medical Oversight


The Goal of an effective AED Program is to increase the rate of survival of people who have Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA).  In order to do this, effective implementation of the AED Program must take place, but more importantly, the organization must have long-term management of the AED(s) in their facility.  The American Heart Association and OSHA highly recommends that each individual and organization implement an AED management program after the purchase of their AED(s).  For more information on Medical oversight, please see the American Heart Association’s Guide to implement a successful AED Program in your facility.  (AHA AED Guide PDFWith the purchase of the Medical Oversight program, you will never have to worry about your AED again.  We’ll do the work for you.


The Medical Oversight Program includes:


  • Physician’s Rx

  • Monthly E-mail reminders to visually inspect the AED and the expiration date on all adult and pediatric pads

  • Local EMS notification for any future 911 calls from your location; information is provided about the location of the AED in your facility

  • Annual phone contact to discuss and review your program

  • Free Event Download and Physician’s Review/Report and FDA submission if your AED is used

  • Post Event Report

  • Overnight Loaner Program

  • 60- Day reminder when pads/batteries due to be replaced

  • Reduce your liability by having us manage your program



Medical Oversight Program: $99.00 per year/AED


Quantity Discounts:


1-4: $99.00 per year/ AED

5-10: $89.00 per year/ AED

11-20: $69.00 per year/ AED




Covers ALL your AEDs!